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Learn How To: 1)  Browser Magnification 2) Attach Zip Photos To  Email 3) Properly Add Email  Contacts 4) Creating Mailing Labels with MS Word  Boost your computer skills and jolt your business into over-drive!.

At Digital Creations NY we are committed to unleashing the power of technology for you. With more than 20 years experience in web design, we have kept pace with technology. DIGITAL CREATIONS NY is a full service small business marketing consultant. Helping you to make full use of your computer to bring in more business. We are a professional Logo Animator, SEO services and social media marketing company. We will help you grow your business when you use our world class products on your website. We will also setup your social accounts, marketing pages along with generating traffic and more exposure on the internet for your brand, product, service, company, or even if you are an individual. Many of our clients are also “Newbies.” If you consider yourself one of these people, we have created low cost training videos just for you. We are also available to come to your home to provide lessons to you. If you do not have a mobile presence, you, as a small business, are loosing money! Let me share my computer knowledge with you. Klaus Photo KJ Checkout our Free Tutorials: